Time Travel for Manifestation

Ep.20 - This podcast is all about next leveling your manifesting power.  Have you ever wanted to travel through time?  Well in this podcast I explain to you how to do it.  Yep, you can travel through time to your past or to your future and all it takes is YOU.  No fancy machines required!  Guess what you do this all the time too.



  1. What does Time Travel mean to you? (1:35)
  2. Time Travel Exercise 1 - Visit the Past (4:41)
  3. My favorite form of Time Travel (11:51)
  4. Time Travel Exercise 2 - Say Hello to Your Next Level Self (13:33)
  5. What would your Next Level Self Do? (24:31)
  6. Journal Prompts (25:50)




What Would Your Next Level Self Do?  WWYNLSD

  1. Take a journey to your Next Level Self who has what you desire.  Your NLS is living your best life NOW.  What inside information do you have for yourself?  If I felt safe to be/do/have _____________________________, What would I do?
  2. If I knew that what I desired was INEVITABLE, who would I be in this moment?
  3. If I already had _______________________, who would I be?   What would I do?


Take a Journey to the Past and Heal whatever comes up after your trip to the past.  Whatever limiting belief or whatever funky feeling comes up, travel to the time when this first appeared.  Trust your instinct.  Trust yourself and just go wherever you feel led.




Episode 14: How to Collapse Time and Manifest Fast



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