Healing is Required to Uplevel Your Life - My Story

Ep.11 - In this episode, I share my experience and why I am doing this work.  I talk about my history, my heartbreaks and what I did to shift myself from that situation.  I also share my favorite shifting tools that you can use to help shift your energy and create space for your massive uplevel. 



  1. My story (1:55)
  2. It always seems to be about a boy (3:18)
  3. I started to remember who I was  (4:35)
  4. My gifts got fired up (5:30)
  5. Unworthiness Became My Core Vibration (6:25)
  6. You have to feel the Feelz (8:18)
  7. Tool #1 Shadow Work (10:06)
  8. Tool #2 EFT Tapping (10:26)
  9. Tool #3 Ho’oponopono (11:11)
  10. You are on the path. You are on the track. (12:15)
  11. Quantum Manifesting Academy (12:37)
  12. You are Enough.  You are Worthy to be Seen.  (13:24)


JOURNAL PROMPTS (not in the audio)

  1. What feelings am I not allowing myself to feel fully? 
  2. Where do I get to heal and create space today?


Watch the IGTV Video where I talked about Healing here.  





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