How to Manifest What You Want FAST - Quantum Manifesting 101

Ep.03 - In this episode, I walk you through Quantum Manifesting and how you can manifest what you want really fast.  A simple summary is that you must Be Her NOW.   This requires you to shift your identity and walk through my 7 steps to manifesting what you desire. Yes, I know it feels as though there are 100 different ways to manifest.  This is so true. Why? Because you naturally manifest all day every day! 

The 7 steps that I share are steps specifically for Intentional Manifestation.  This is all about conscious manifesting and creating the life you enjoy!  



In this episode you will learn:

  • The Multiple Worlds Theory (1:41)
  • Every choice you make puts you on a different path (2:26)
  • What Quantum Manifestation is (3:09)
  • #1 Quantum Awareness: Why it is important for you to be AWARE of where you are (4:24)
  • What is your PEV? (5:30)
  • EXAMPLE: From non-management level to Vice President in less than one year (6:22)
  • #2 Quantum Identity: What is your Identity? (7:11)
  • #3 Quantum Healing: In order to create space, you must Heal (7:59)
  • #4 Quantum Identity Shift: In order to quickly manifest you must shift your Identity to align with the Identify of the YOU who has what you want (9:23)
  • #5 Quantum Embodiment: Manifesting fast requires Mind+Body+Soul (10:20)
  • #6 Quantum Manifesting: You get to receive and take massive action (10:57)
  • My Identity Challenges (13:24)



Let Go of the Old Stories

  1. What old stories are keeping me where I am?
  2. Being the woman who is already being/ doing/ having (insert manifestation here) what stories do I no longer tell?
  3. Being the woman who is already being/ doing/ having (insert manifestation here) what stories have I let go?





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